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For women who love to make themselves look beautiful, Pauls Hair World has an array of hair styling products from which to choose. Hair straightners are great for people with all different styles of hair, from curly to coarse, thin, medium, or thick. The following is a guide on what hair straightners are best for your particular hair type.

Women with Fragile Hair

If you have hair that is fragile and has been damaged by the elements and previous hair styling experiments, then you should choose a straightener that is thin and ceramic, ceramic tourmaline, or titanium plates. Steer clear of those that have iron or Teflon plates if you have fragile hair. Also, make sure that it is one that will use negative ion therapy on your hair to help repair it. Use the lowest temperature setting, and be sure to go slow with it until you are used to the straightner.

Women Who Have Thin Hair

For those with thin hair, it is best to choose something that has an adjustable temperature setting. Thin hair responds the best to low heat. Also, find one that has titanium or ceramic tourmaline plates. Negative ion therapy is also a must for your hair.

Women With Normal or Wavy Hair

If you have normal or wavy hair, find a straightener that has a high heat of a minimum 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that you run the straightener through your hair quickly, so that the heat does not damage it. It is best to use one that has ceramic tourmaline or titanium heaters, as they have a negative ion flow that will heat your hair gently, yet will less effort.

Women With Coarse or Thick Hair

Choose a straightener that will heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Thick or coarse hair can handle the high heat the best, and actually requires using high heat to get it under control. Do several quick strokes of each part instead of a long one, so that it does not become damaged.

When it comes to hair straighteners and other styling devices, GHD is a top of the line brand. This hair straightener offers products that are handy and versatile. They have been used for the catwalk, photo shoots, and personal home use since 2001. Thermodynamics (*trademark) is a principle that is used with their brushes and styling irons. This means that they improve the look and condition of your hair while heating it. Consider the above factors in choosing a hair straightener, and do some research on GHD styling products as well.

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Fashion these days ranges from quite subtle to incredibly wild. Have you seen Lady Gaga? It’s truly amazing how much the world of fashion and style has evolved. It seems like wearing pretty much anything is accepted as being hot and trendy. But for those of us who like to look good, we love to know what the best fashion accessories are to wear. And it’s important to know the details relating to them to understand what is best for you as an individual.

One particular accessory that has become very popular in the past few years is body jewelry. This almost seemed like it was going to be just a short lived fad but it has lasted through the years and is still worn to this day. Some popular pieces of body jewelry include belly rings, barbells, body plugs and tongue rings.

The tongue ring started becoming popular in the 80s and is still a piercing that is found in many people today. There are tongue rings and then there are the more traditional barbells, too. A straight barbell is most popular and is usually adorned with a plastic or metal bead. Both rings and barbells are primarily made of surgical steel materials.

Getting a tongue piercing involves having a professional do the procedure. The tongue is lifted up, inspect for large blood vessels, clamped and then pierced with a needle in a safe location. The piercing is usually done from top to bottom but some parlors use what is called a cannula needle which pierces the tongue from bottom to top instead. After the piercing is made a barbell is inserted. The tongue tends to swell to almost twice it’s normal size just a day or two after having a piercing done. This isn’t permanent, though and can be eased by applying ice or ibuprofen to decrease the swelling.

There are a couple of risks involved with getting piercings. There is a small chance that you can damage your teeth but this is a very rare occurrence. Another risk is that if the pierced area is not properly taken care of it can and will become infected. This can lead to serious health complications which is why it is strongly advised that you clean your mouth extremely well after having your tongue pierced. Regular use of mouth wash is suggested. It is also possible to have nerve damage done to the tongue when it is pierced. This isn’t very common but it can cause a lot of troubles including trouble breathing due to the swelling of the tongue.

In conclusion, belly rings, barbells, body plugs and tongue rings alike are all highly fashionable, popular pieces of body jewelry. Be sure that you visit a qualified professional to receive your piercing to ensure your safety. After you have received your piercing you must follow the rules and guidelines for keeping your piercing clean and safe. Avoiding to do so can result in unwanted health risks but this is easily dodged by making sure you take care of your piercing.

Keeping the sparkle alive within a diamond isn’t something jewellery wearers have too much of a hand in. Diamond is one of the toughest known substances on earth, meaning that delicate-looking marquise-cut engagement diamond is far more likely to survive several centuries of wear than it is to degrade suddenly in the back of the jewellery box!

Diamonds, particularly diamond engagement rings, are surely pieces to wear as much as possible. But scores of women shun their favourite pieces in favour of the safety of the jewellery box “just in case” the worse should happen. Here are a few easy expert tips to help diamond lovers care for their gems and keep tabs on potential integrity issues.

Daily Cleaning
A gentle polish with a soft, non-abrasive cloth tends to be enough to keep diamonds shining. Settings should be treated very carefully, as precious metals can be scratched and damaged without due care. A soft toothbrush or make-up brush is great for getting detritus out of those frustrating little setting spots. There are lots of Old Wives Tales covering the best solutions to home cleanse rings, but the most important thing to remember is to avoid abrasive cleaners at all costs.

Annual Inspection
Jewellery experts Marlow’s Certified Diamonds are amongst the industry authorities who recommend an annual inspection and steam clean by a professional jeweller. Over time, precious metals can become damaged or weakened. An annual inspection is arguably the most effective way to identify potential weakness.

Are you looking for a unique jacket to gift your fiancé? Well if that is the only criteria that you have, then all you need to do is spend around $300 and get the Moncler Coat with Hood Montargis Quilted Trench from This knee length moncler jacket is light and it is more of a coat than a jacket. The moncler jacket is not as heavy as one would guess but this knee length coat can be worn with anything and everything and in any occasions.

Last week, Jessica Simpson was spotted having dinner with her mom, BF Eric Johnson and some friends. Little did she know that she would be sitting about 3 tables down from her ex-husband, Nick Lachey, and his longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo.

At first, we heard that the parties kept to themselves, without much to-do or bother. Now, we’re hearing someone was spewing sour grapes at the far table – and it wasn’t Nick!

Sources at the restaurant overheard Jessica get nasty with her server, saying: “I hope Vanessa likes her clothes because I bought them for her, since Nick took all my money.”

Ouch! Low blow! True, but still…

Then, another patron at the place confessed to seeing Jessica get really drunk, “drinking margaritas and doing shots of tequila,” all because she couldn’t deal with Nick being so close to her. The whole encounter was described by one source as “weird” and “awkward”.

Wowza. It’s been five years now. You’d think she’d have moved on by now!

A sneak peek of the Project Runway season finale shows guest judge Jessica Simpson caught in the middle of an on-set spat between Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook for all the latest celebrity gossip!

Jessica Simpson has reportedly been dumped by her stylist because he is sick of being ditched every time she meets a new man.

Ken Paves told E! News, that he has not spent any time with the Dukes of Hazard star over the last few months, and cited hectic schedules as the reason.

‘We’re both busy,’ he explained.

‘I’ve been working on a lot of things that have kept me in town or travelling.’

But a source close to Paves said that the real reason for the parting of ways is much more personal.

‘Ken is sick of her cycle of dumping friends when she’s with a guy,’ the insider said. ‘She smothers guys and they dump her. Then she goes back to Ken

And the reality sta certainly looked pleased that Eric Johnson’s divorce from his first wife had finally come through.

Former NFL star Eric and stylist Keri officially ended their five year marriage on October 7.

They separated earlier this year before Johnson started dating singer Jessica.

According to, papers stated the pair cited irreconcilable differences for the split.

Jessica was spotted today heading to the Roseland Ballroom in New York City, with a certain spring in her step.

As she entered the stage door of the concert arena, she flashed waiting photographers a cheeky smile

Simpson hasn’t exactly been lucky in love herself in the past, with a failed marriage to Nick Lachey and broken relationships with John Mayer and quarterback Tony Romo.

But things at last seem to be looking up for her.

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Jessica Simpson says stop. She’s tired of hearing from people who say they’ve found her dog.

Jessica Simpsons_dog_daisy

Simpson turned to Twitter again Sunday night, saying back off. She says she knows Daisy hasn’t been found after being snatched by a coyote.

Simpson posted a comment on Twitter when a coyote was taken from her Los Angeles backyard. Since then her ex husband Nick Lachey, who gave her the dog, says he’s also heart broken about its demise.


Nick Lachey: ‘I Didn’t Reach Out To Jessica Simpson Over Stolen Dog’

Nick Lachey still hasn’t spoken to Jessica Simpson following the theft of her dog, despite looking after the animal when the couple were married.

Daisy, a caramel coloured malti poo, was snatched from Simpson’s Los Angeles home in September by a wild coyote.

Lachey, who split from Simpson in 2005, told Access Hollywood: “I think a lot of people forget that Daisy was my dog too – for years.”

The singer said that his thoughts had been with the devastated singer, but he admitted that he hadn’t made contact about the theft.

“I didn’t reach out to her. I’m sure she was upset… I was upset… It was sad to hear that happened, but it’s part of the cycle of life,” he said.

Simpson called in the pet detectives in an attempt to try and find Daisy, but efforts proved unsuccessful.

Flat out fabulous, the Leve Flat from Jessica Simpson pairs classic versatility with on-trend finish and feminine styling.


  • suede
  • Manmade sole
  • Heel measures approximately 1/8″
  • 1/4″ rubber heel
  • Flat with bow decor, square toe and gathered details
  • Rubber flex sole
  • Upper: Red – leather; Mahogany – suede

Product Description

Good fortune just came your way with the soft leather Leve ballet flat from Jessica Simpson. The ultra-feminine flat features an adorable suede snub toe, pleated leather on the vamp with bow detail, ribbon-trimmed collar, a flexible rubber outsole and a cushioned insole for all day comfort. The Leve can be dressed up or down — business or casual!

Reviews For Jessica Simpson Flats

By Deal hunter “Jennifer”- These shoes are comfortale and look good with everything. They don’t have much support for long walking, so avoid it. They are a nice little ballet flat. Order a half size up, they run small.

By JLind555- I live in these shoes. I wore out my first pair of black leather flats after a year of constant wear and immediately replaced them. Currently I have them in five colors: black western leather, silver leather, brown, green and red suede, and I’m getting two more pair in black suede and gold leather. Did I mention that I love these shoes? They are superlatively comfortable, look good with everything but the most formal outfits, and hold up well in wet weather. I’ve worn mine through a drenching thunderstorm, stuffed them with newspaper to help them hold their shape when they were drying and they came out looking like new. I buy them in my usual size and they fit great. They don’t have anything in the way of arch support, but I’ve walked for miles in mine with no problem at all. This shoe is the gold standard of ballet flats. Wear them till you wear them out, then buy some more.

By Bibliomaniac! -These are very cute shoes, but they do run narrow. They took some breaking-in and aren’t ideal for days when you’ll be walking a lot, but for the office or a movie date they are perfect. Very attractive and well-made.

By buffalo gal-shoes are very comfortable, very different with unusual color, cute, true to size, definitely recommend

By Elizabeth Jackson- These shoes are great. They are ultra comfy and true to size. The colors are unique and they were just what I was looking for.

By N. Weinstein -I love these shoes! This is my second pair. The suede toe makes them look new for a long time because it does not scuff. Very comfortable and practical. Can be worn with work or casual clothes. Great price on amazon too! I paid half of what I have paid for them at Nordstrom and Macy’s.

By Bedoor Mohammad -Jessica simpson has the best flat shoes ever, they are really comfortable. The greatest thing about them is that they don’t heart the back of your feet (ankle) like the other flats do :) I highly recommend it

By B. Henry “bshenry”-I gave 4 instead of 5 stars because of comfort/lack of support, but I’ve never had a pair of flats that actually had any more padding/support than these. For the price, one might expect a little better effort. I got the irridescent purple/green and love the color and the details of the shoe — the bow, the “gathered” look on the top, and the “en pointe” toe. I mostly wear heels, and if I buy flats, they have to have something special about them and not just look like every other flat. These have the funky color going for them but also the details. I ordered a half size larger than what I normally wear and they fit very well.

Extra Extra! It’s got glam all about it-this sleek tote from Jessica Simpson, that is. Its rich tones and faux reptile embossing will keep your stunning style in the spotlight while its inner spaciousness will hold everything you need and then some.

Jessica Simpson is famous for her fun, sexy style, and now her signature line of footwear, handbags, and sunglasses brings that same style home to you. From fun western boots to the latest dressy and casual looks, Jessica Simpson shoes, handbags, and sunglasses are where it’s at for fun, flirty and fabulous fashion!

Jessica Simpson hand bag review

Bianca Brennan -Great carry everything bag. Really good quality, sections for your phone keys etc, and everyone comments that they love my bag!

P. Theligene- ladies you will love this tote bag. You can wear it with anything.Very large and can just about fix any thing you want to inside. I always get attention from carry this purse.

jessica_Em2simpsonEminem is known for saying exactly what he feels, but even he thought twice before lampooning Jessica Simpson in his latest video. In the video for “We Made You,” a heavy Simpson lookalike eats a hamburger and gyrates in her daisy dukes with a Tony Romo lookalike.

“Tony Romo is one of my favorite quarterbacks,” Eminem tells Detroit’s Metro Times. “So I felt kinda conflicted doing the Jessica thing.”

The original plan was to have a slender Jessica Simpson lookalike in the video. “When I say, ‘Jessica Simpson, sing the chorus,’ we were gonna have a chick who looked like Jessica Simpson come out and sing,’ he says.

As the video was shooting, Simpson’s curvier figure started making headlines, prompting Eminem to change the video. “But then Jessica got fat,” he says. “I mean, not really fat but she certainly got fat for … well, Jessica Simpson got fat for Jessica Simpson!”

In the interview, Eminem says that his singles are “little time capsules of what’s going on in pop culture right at that moment.”

Sometimes, the little time capsules can ruffle some feathers. Nick Cannon recently wrote a scathing blog entry directed at the rapper over comments he made about Mariah Carey. It wasn’t the first time that a celebrity has tangled with Eminem; he has a history of high-profile feuds.

Still, he prefers historical accuracy over some occasional hurt feelings. “I’ve always wanted people to be able to look back at each video and go, ‘Oh, remember what was going on at that moment!’ ” he says. ” ‘Oh, that’s when Jessica Simpson got fat.’ And even if she gets thin again, that’s fine. But for that moment in time, she was fat.”

talk-quotesMy first kiss was when I was 14. I could tell it was coming because Jason picked up a handful of mints. We had been going out for over a year, so it was really special. want to be a diva… like people-totally-respect-my-music diva, not diva like carry-my-diet-Coke-around.


If being single and losing her dog to a coyote weren’t bad enough for Jessica Simpson, she now has to find out her ex-husband is getting back together with his ex-girlfriend.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have been on a total PDA parade for the last three days (and nights!) in Las Vegas…

On Saturday night, the two checked out singer Matt Goss’ new show at the Palms Casino Resort. (Side note: Kim Kardashian was there the night before and even got on stage to sing and dance with Goss.)

Nick and Vanessa were later seen partying and dancing until the wee hours with Wilmer Valderrama at nightclub LAX.

No word if they were hurtin’ hard the next morning, but on Sunday they watched the New York Giants game against the Dallas Cowboys (you know, Tony Romo’s team) at First Food & Bar inside the Palazzo.

They obviously liked First Food & Bar. They returned last night to watch Monday Night Football and dine on Grandma’s Pizza and ice cream sandwiches.


Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have reportedly rekindled their romance after failing to find love with others since their break-up.

According to the Daily Express, Simpson was dumped by American football star Tony Romo on the eve of her 29th birthday in July and guitarist Mayer failed to find lasting love with Jennifer Aniston.

Reports suggest Romo split from the pop star after he uncovered text messages from her ex, Mayer, while they were dating – and now Simpson has reportedly reunited with the singer/songwriter, who dumped the blonde in 2007 after a year-long romance.

A source tells In Touch magazine, “They’ve always had an amazing connection. Jessica is kidding herself that her and John stand a chance.”

Jessica Simpson rocked the house on Sunday afternoon, but the audience wasn’t her usual crowd.

Instead, the singer took the stage to perform for about 2,000 pediatric cancer survivors for the 18th annual Celebrate Life with Hope event.

jessica-simpson-2-320“To be able to give back is my sole purpose in life,” Simpson says about why she decided to get involved with the event, which benefits the Childrens Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

Together with event planner Mindy Weiss – who planned both Simpson’s wedding to Nick Lachey and Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s wedding – the singer made sure guests had a great time.

“She was so nice and so warm. All the kids were getting a day out and the little ones were looking up at her, it was just really touching,” says a guest. “She kept telling them they were her heroes.”

Simpson performed four songs, and brought her dad along as well. “At the end, she had a little meet and greet up on the stage,” the guest added. “The kids were just so excited to see her and give her a hug and she was so sweet with them. She was signing T-shirts and the hospital gave her a plaque. She was just really happy to be there.”

The Celebrate Life with Hope event is part of National Cancer Survivors’ Day across the country, and is the largest such event for pediatric cancer survivors in the Western United States.